Denmark youngest kids will return to their institutions after Easter

April 6th, 2020

Today Prime minister of Denmark, Mette Ferderiksen announced that the youngest kids will gradually begin to return to their institutions after Easter holiday.  Danish society will gradually begin to open up due to a stabilization of the corona-virus crisis in Denmark.

As the the first opening phase , start from April 15 and will involve the youngest children in daycare, kindergartens and school grades 0-5 returning to their institutions. Mette Ferderiksen said that the public  and private sector continue working from home.

There will not be  big events until August

The restrictions, including closed borders and 10-person gathering limitations, have been extended another four weeks until May 10. Meanwhile, it was bad news for bigger events, which have been banned until the end of August.

No exams this year

There will be no final exams in public schools, aside from the graduating students, this year due to the pandemic. Higher education institutions will remain closed until May 10.

Shopping centers, churches, associations, cinemas houses, fitness centers etc will remain close until 10th of May.